Parade Testimonials

“It is definitely something I will never forget. Thank you for allowing this to happen! ” Makenzie W. / Participant

“I had a fantastic time. Everyone there was very nice. The staff was wonderful. The only thing I did not like was that we had the same breakfast every single day.” Heaven M. / Participant

“Absolutely Amazing. So many memories made that I will never forget.” Elijah M. / Participant

“The trip to Rome was beyond my expectations! The staff was very friendly and accommodating! It was a once in a lifetime experience for my family!” Tara M. / Spectator

“My participant as well as our entire family had an amazing time with Varsity Spirit All American with UDA as part of the Rome tour. Being able to not only see the sites of Rome as well as participate in the parade were incredible experiences that created a lifetime of memories for everyone involved. My daughter has been lucky enough to participate in 3 All American events, we hope to make it next year and cannot wait to see what opportunity that may bring. Thank you!” Tracy S. / Spectator

“Going to Rome as an All-American was probably the best experience of my life! We got to see all the things you learn about in school, it felt surreal! The staff was amazing, and the friends I made there, as well as the memories I made, were unforgettable! Thank you Varsity for letting me be apart of this amazing experience!” Joseph C. / Participant

“My mom and I had the most amazing time. Thank you to all who put this trip together!” Kaeli S. / Spectator

“Giving it a 5-star for the total experience and especially our awesome chaperones. Lots of waiting, which was expected but a bit exhausting. Springz and Stephanie are awesome! Big THANK YOU to Varsity corporate (Geneva smith ROCKS!)!” Sheri P. / Spectator

“Lots and lots of fun I loved everything about it.” Maddy D. / Participant

“Well organized, great exposure to the city. Travel arrangements good. All Landed event” Paige B. / Spectator

“Wonderful staff and planning had an amazing time”  Zoë G. / Participant