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2019-20 Varsity Rome Event Coverage

Welcome to the Varsity All-American Rome event page. Here you’ll find the best parade coverage, including photos, videos, news and more!

Photos & Videos

Facebook Album – Hundreds of photos from the Varsity Rome Tour from the participants, staff and social media team.

Photo Gallery  – The very best photography highlighting our favorite moments of the trip.

Varsity Rome Blog – A brief overlook of each day on the Varsity Rome Tour.

Varsity TV Vlog – Daily highlight videos of #VarsityRome through the participant’s eyes.

Varsity TV Event Hub – Varsity TV Coverage of #VarsityRome, including photos, articles, news, and more.

Parade Live StreamWatch the Rome New Year’s Day Parade LIVE!

Parade Testimonials

“It is definitely something I will never forget. Thank you for allowing this to happen! ” Makenzie W. / Participant

“I had a fantastic time. Everyone there was very nice. The staff was wonderful. The only thing I did not like was that we had the same breakfast every single day.” Heaven M. / Participant

“Absolutely Amazing. So many memories made that I will never forget.” Elijah M. / Participant

“The trip to Rome was beyond my expectations! The staff was very friendly and accommodating! It was a once in a lifetime experience for my family!” Tara M. / Spectator

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